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Bachelor of Science - MOTION PICTURES


Admission to Major


A student entering the School of Communication as a freshman or as a transfer will enroll in Communication pre-major status. Candidates for the Bachelor of Science in Communication who have achieved sophomore standing and have satisfactorily completed the entrance requirements will be admitted to major status in the Motion Pictures program.


Students engage with a diverse faculty of communication scholars, artists and professionals in a variety of hands-on learning experiences embracing research, writing, production, creative problem-solving and multimedia storytelling. On-campus television and radio facilities, motion picture studios and multimedia labs are available for academic and extra-curricular student projects. Students utilize contemporary digital imaging technology and learn skills that cut across a variety of media platforms. Digital editing, recording and mixing facilities are available. New media technology is incorporated throughout the curriculum and the School has several computer labs and digitally “smart” classrooms.


Students majoring in Motion Pictures are required to choose one of the following five areas of concentration: General, Production, Screenwriting, Business or Critical Studies.


General: A student interested in learning all aspects of production.

Production: A student interested in specializing in production of motion pictures - narrative and documentary.  

Screenwriting: A student interested in becoming a scriptwriter.

Critical Studies: A student interested in studying film aesthetics and history.


Students start making films as early as their first semester freshman year and continue hands-on production through out the program.  Students are encouraged and suported in the making of  additional films outside of class - as part of clubs or as independent studies.

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