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June 27 – July 31 – Summer 2015


Make Films and Photos in Magical Prague, Czech Republic!


-Work at your level and interest as: director, actor, screenwriter, cinematographer, photographer, story board artist, art director editor, and/or producer, creating narrative, documentary or animation digital films. All students co-produce and co-own their films and photos.  


-Conde Nast calls Prague: “The world’s 5th most popular tourist city.”


-Live in a city of winding cobblestone streets, castles, cathedrals, synagogues, graveyards, restaurants and clubs built before Christopher Columbus sailed. Goethe called Prague: “The Golden City of 100 Spires!”


-Five previous student films were screened at the New York Film Festival.


-Alumni were hired for their first jobs with their Prague films.


-Actors create roles for audition reels. Camera acting coaching is available.


No experience required!

-Open to undergraduates and graduates from all majors,

all schools, at all levels who love film.


-Friendly, hands-on professional training: using equipment, making photos and films is provided for novices and non-film majors. Everyone selects their areas of interest.


-Pre- professional projects are designed for majors, minors and graduate students plus Master Classes with Oscar and International award winning artists! Work at professional level and speed.


-International students welcome!


Travel to Film Capitols - Film Studios - Film Festivals:

-Travel weekends to Berlin, Munich, Salzburg. Dresden and Vienna; all cities rich in history, art, architecture, music, theatre and cinema.


-Tour Berlin’s Bablesberg Film Studios (Inglorious Bastards, Pianist, Bourne,) and Munich’s Bavarian Film Studios (Monuments Men, Never Ending Story, Cabaret.) Visit the Berlin Film Museum & the Vienna Hapsburg Galleries where Spielberg and Hanks develop film projects and where photographers flock to study masters.


-Attend the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival and Vienna Summer Film Festival.


-Satisfy your curiosity and challenge your mind with visits to UNESCO World Heritage Czech towns: Karlovy Vary, Cesky Krumlov Castle, & the Nazi Prison for Artists at Terezin.  


Make Films On Location in ‘HOLLYWOOD EAST! (LA Times)

-Shoot your films and photos where Hollywood creates box office hits on the Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Art Nouveau and modern streets of Prague.  


-See below for photos of previous students creating projects and traveling abroad.


Classes at “Europe’s #1 Film School” (Hollywood Reporter)

-UM’s 24th popular summer at the Czech National Film School,  FAMU: Film, Art, Music University - Photography, TV, & New Media. The Czech National Film School


Program Costs:

Program Costs:The program fee is $3655 and includes:


-5 weeks (36 days) dorm in Prague & hotels in Berlin, Munich, Cesky Krumlov & Vienna.

-All breakfasts -A dozen group meals & banquets:        (including: Salzburg Castle in Alps & Prague Castle River Cruise)

-Classroom/studio production & post-production equipment-Access to world’s 2nd largest costume & prop collection  

-Transportation and Group tours in each city  

-Prague’s Barrandov Studios & Backlot-Berlin’s Bablesberg, & Munich’s Bavarian Film Studios

-Vienna & Karlovy Vary International Film Festivals -Prague Film Technology & Animation Museums

-Berlin Film & Theatre Museums  

-Admissions to cinemas, theatres, palaces, cathedrals, museums & special events.


Students are also responsible for the following, not included in the above:

-6 credits of tuition

-International Airfare

-Student Eurail Tickets

-Most lunches and suppers-Personal expenses

– all typically less than Miami.

Prague Summer Motion Pictures and Photography Program

University of Miami Study Abroad in Prague, Berlin, Munich,

Dresden, Salzburg and Vienna!


-All classes are UM credits taught in English by FAMU faculty of international award-winning artists and film scholars with UM Prof. John Soliday.


-Study Euro/Czech award-winning films and meet the artists who made them.


-Add Europe’s #1 Film School Certificate to your job resume.


Production Classes at Barrandov Film Studios - Prague  

-Where Hollywood made: The Grand Budapest Hotel; James Bond Casino Royale; Mission Impossible; A Knight's Tale; Narnia, Prince Caspian; Pans Labyrinth; Van Helsing;  Blade II; Dune, The Prince and Me; Amadeus; G.I. Joe; Snowpiercer; Bourne, etc.! Roman Polanski called Barrandov “the world’s best studio.” Use the backlot for your projects.  


-Professional Czech artists assist as producers; costume, art direction, makeup, wig and hair artists; cinematographers and editors. Students have access to the world’s 2nd largest costume & prop collection.  


Discover Czech Multi-Media

-Visit Prague’s “Magic Lantern Theatre” where The Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson, Bob Dylan, Tina Turner and Madonna created their multi-media stadium shows.


Program Open to All Majors - All Schools - at All Levels

-Previous students from Arts & Sciences, Theatre, Music, International Studies, Sports Adm., Law, Business, Music; plus all School of Communication undergraduate and graduate majors and minors have fulfilled graduation requirements & electives in Prague. Non-UM students have come from across the U.S.


Lodging at FAMU’s “Hradebni Palace” Dorm:  

-A 5 minute walk from dorm to Medieval Old Town Square.

-A short walk across 660 year old stone Charles Bridge, up Coronation Way to Prague Castle.

-Hotels are your home in Berlin, Munich, Cesky Krumlov and Vienna.


Earn 12 Credits at Two Study Abroad Programs this Summer: You may attend the Film Greece Program May 26 – June 22, travel in Europe and join the Prague Program June 27 completing 12 credits abroad this summer.  



Click on: Faculty Led Programs, Summer: Prague Motion Pictures, Photography & Multi-Media.



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