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Hi, Incoming Graduates:


First of all, welcome to the Program!  The 2015 Graduate Class is looking forward to meeting and working with you.

I’m going to share some tips that I believe will make your first semester a little more manageable.


Get ready to make a LOT of films!  You have the opportunity to be CONSTANTLY shooting something! You will love it.


There are some readings you are required to do for most of the classes and I encourage you to read some before the semester starts.  If possible read the Screenwriting books required by the course.  During that semester, I was overwhelmed with production projects that consumed a lot of my time.  Writing, shoting and editing different films at the same time was a challenge.


You can find a list of your required textbooks in a link for the bookstore in one of your acceptance package’s emails.  If they have not changed, some of them should be the following:

“Emotional Structure” by Peter Dunne “The Art of Dramatic Writing” by Lajos Egri. It’s written for Theater not screenwriting, but the tools are the same. “Secrets of Screenplay Structure” by Linda Cowgirl.  If you don’t find it, because it was out of print, then “The Art of Plotting” is the other option.


Try not to miss the orientations, they are very important, there you’ll meet a lot of students and professors, and you can get many questions answered about the University, the school, the program, etc.


On another topic, Off-Campus Housing information and Roommate Search is available at University of Miami Residential Life page.


Sharing a place is usually cheaper. I suggest you join the Cinema Departments Facebook Group and post your rooming/housing needs there.  Also get in touch with the other incoming students of your class and try looking together.

I hope this information is helpful even if it’s not much.


Again, my peers and I welcome you to the Program and we look forward to meeting you.


Get ready to make great films!




Zulena Berrios - Class of 2015

Application Process for the Masters of Fine Arts (M.F.A.) Graduate Program in Motion Pictures at the Cinema and Interactive Media Department at the University of Miami.

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