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Bill Cosford Cinema

The Bill Cosford Cinema is a single-screen, art-house cinema serving the University of Miami, Coral Gables, and greater Miami for more than 60 years. The venue houses a 70 square-foot screen and exhibits 35mm as well as a 4K cinema projector. As a non-profit art house theater, the Cosford is dedicated to distinguished film programming and supplemental, educational opportunities ranging from special lecture series, guest scholars, international film festivals, and engagements with acclaimed filmmakers including Chantal Akerman, Jon Landis, Andy Garcia, and Kevin Spacey among many more.  Named the best art cinema by the Miami New Times, the Cosford Cinema also serves as a venue for the screening of student and faculty work and for curricular screenings. The Cosford Cinema provides an on-campus venue for various film festivals, including the annual Canes Film Festival featuring UM undergraduate and graduate work. A professional showcase screening of the best student work is held annually in Los Angeles.


Production Resources

The production facilities in the Motion Picture program include equipment and resources for the making and study of cinema.  The on-campus studio and post-production resources allow students a space and the technology necessary to produce creative work.  The Motion Picture program holds an array of digital cinema cameras (including Canon 5D, Sony Cinealta and RED EpicsDragon and related grip and electric equipment; a soundstage; digital post-production image and sound mixing facilities; and digital animation stations.


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The Motion Picture program has exclusive use of a fully equipped sound stage at the School of Communication. The Film Sound Stage is furnished with a lighting grid, removable sets, cyclorama green screen, and is used for student and faculty work, as well as teaching production, cinematography and directing courses.  A foley room and voice over studio facilitate post production of student work.

Norton Herrick Center for Motion Picture Studies

The Norton Herrick Center for Motion Picture Studies is dedicated to the advancement of knowledge of the history, aesthetics and social and cultural impact of motion picture media. The goals of the Herrick Center are to provide support for research, to further the important work of preservationists and archivists, to facilitate the study and teaching of film at the University, and to enrich the intellectual and cultural life of the University and the South Florida community.